5 reasons why you shouldn’t avoid the dentist

It is that time again, you have received your reminder, you are due for your routine dental appointment, but things are busy at work, your diary hasn’t got a free weekend for the next few months, surely it won’t matter if you put it off until things quieten down a bit, besides you haven’t got any problems.

Here at Writtle Dental Practice we have some very good reasons why no matter how busy you are you should still make time for your routine dental appointment.

At your routine dental appointment, the dentist will assess the health of your teeth and gums, aiming to identify any issues, before they become problems that can cause you pain or discomfort. In the long run, this will help to save you money, reducing the need for extensive, expensive treatment.

The dentist will:

1. Evaluate your risk of tooth decay

The dentist will assess your risk of cavities and provide advice on preventing tooth decay. The dentist may also take x-rays. X-rays enable the dentist to see if decay is present in areas not visible to the naked eye, such as between teeth, under crowns and fillings and in tooth roots. The dentist may also scale and polish your teeth or refer you to the hygienist for removal of any plaque and calculus build-up, which if left can provide a haven for decay causing bacteria.

2. Assess for signs of gum disease

By attending for routine dental appointments, the dentist will be able to identify the early signs of gum disease and put in place a treatment plan to slow down or even halt the development of the disease. Gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults in the UK, can be effectively treated with improved oral hygiene and regular hygienist appointments.

3. Mouth Cancer check

The dentist will check the tissues both inside and outside your mouth to determine if there are any areas of concern. If they spot anything they will refer you to a specialist. If detected early oral cancers have a very good survival rate.

4. Examine your jaw and bite and assess the need for dental restorations

Does your jaw click or pop, cause you discomfort or lock? The dentist may be able to offer treatments such as mouth guards to lessen your discomfort or refer you to a specialist for further treatment. The dentist will also discuss all the options for any restorations needed, such as fillings or crowns.

5. Advice on a personalised oral hygiene routine

The dentist will advise you on the best oral hygiene routine to follow in between appointments to ensure that your teeth remain in tip top condition. As well as giving you advice on lifestyle changes that will improve the health of your teeth. For example, quitting smoking or reducing the sugar in your diet.

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