Surprising cavity fighters

Sometimes the food you least expect turns out to have some surprising cavity fighting benefits. In this month’s blog we look at some that we believe are quite interesting.


It is thought that casein, a protein found in cheese may have the ability to prevetn cavities and promote oral health. It has been shown that the calcium levels in the mouth increase after consuming cheese. The calcium present in cheese mixes with saliva to help remineralize teeth and protect the teeth from cavities.

Chewing Gum


Chewing sugar-free gum has been recommended to prevent cavities. The sugar-free variety made with Xylitol – a natural sugar substitute, tends to be most beneficial. Xylitol is an effective cavity fighter that can prevent decay because cavity-causing bacteria cannot use Xylitol to grow.


We were taught since childhood that the number one enemy of healthy teeth is sweets, however, sugar-free sweets, if the sweets are made with Xylitol, as many hard boiled sweets and lollipops now are, then they can actively help fight tooth decay.





It’s not surprising to learn that milk is good for your teeth because it contains calcium, phosphorus and caseins, which help to prevent acidic bacteria from damaging teeth. One tip is to drink milk after eating sugary treats such as biscuits or cakes. This helps to wash away sugary residues while the milk will provide some protection for your teeth.

Using a straw

When it comes to preventing cavity, acidic, sugary beverages are clearly not a smart choice. However, you can help to lessen the damage to your teeth by drinking fizzy, acidic drinks through a straw. This helps to reduce the time the liquid is in contact with your teeth.

Dental Sealants


Many dentists recommend dental sealants. Sealants create a protective layer on the biting surface of the tooth, making it much easier to remove the bacteria and sugars that lead to tooth decay.

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